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The $33 IKEA Standing Desk

I was recently inspired by the sheer simplicity of $22 IKEA Standing desk by Colin Nederkoorn. The “Standdesk 2200” uses basic IKEA components to easily create a standing desk conversion for your existing space.

I set out this weekend to replicate and localise Colin’s instructions for the Australian IKEA shopper. Colin’s original $22 USD price point holds up perfectly in 2015. Converted to Australian dollars, we have the $33 IKEA Standing Desk.

All prices mentioned here are in Australian dollars and include 10% GST.

$33 IKEA Standing Desk


Total Cost: $33


I recommend reading Colin’s article, as he highlights two main measurements; the keyboard height and the monitor height.

For my setup, I measured the distance from my elbow to the floor and assumed I’d be able to adjust the screen height to suit once I was standing at the desk. The distance from my elbow to the floor was almost exactly 1 meter.

Key Dimensions

  • Keyboard height: 1000mm
  • Lower desktop height: 725mm
  • Upper desktop height: 1175mm
  • Thunderbolt Display top: 1730mm
  • Desk depth: 755mm


  • Construct the LACK table as per the instructions and place it on top of your existing desk.
  • Take your elbow dimensions and work out at what point to screw in the brackets.
  • Place the shelf on top and screw it in place, allowing space on one side for your pointing device.


  • The legs of the top LACK table are hollow. Wood screws with long unthreaded shanks won’t work with the hollow legs.
  • The legs on the LACK table don’t meet the table top below evenly at 90 degrees, (probably because it’s a $7 table). This makes the shelf sit unevenly on the brackets. I just use two screws to secure the shelf, one at each end. The shelf is completely stable even though it’s not sitting 100% flush with the brackets on one end.

Nitty gritty details of the keyboard shelf Close up of the screws used $33 IKEA Standing Desk

Premium Upgrades

IKEA have a pricier versions of the LACK table and the EKBY shelf that are heavier (less hollow) with better finishes. I think these options are worth considering. At the store I felt the JÄRPEN shelf was much sturdier than the $5 cheaper ÖSTEN. I purchased the JÄRPEN shelf.

Total Premium Cost: $38-50

Full Office Fit Out

$33 IKEA Standing Desk

I realised that the remainder of my setup is also IKEA:

Other Accessories

Initial Standing Observations

  • Immediately, touch typing becomes essential when standing and looking forward. Looking down at the keyboard is slow.
  • Having the keyboard and mouse on a different level to other desktop peripherals makes a lot of sense.
  • The total depth of the desk is 755mm, up from 600mm which doesn’t fit my room as well. There’s about 100mm of wasted space behind the display.
  • MacBook Pro doesn’t fit on the upper desktop, it will be a bit awkward plugging and unplugging it, especially if the cable falls behind the desk.
  • Cable runs are a bit longer for items that were previously closer to the thunderbolt display.
  • The flooring in my room is carpet, which is good for standing but creates minor wobbles when typing.
  • There is only 50mm difference between the depth of the top and bottom desks. With the LACK table currently sitting on top of my the other with no other support, this might be risky longer term. Having said that this feels quite sturdy with so much weight on the top shelf.

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